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S2Kops - Solar2000 Operations

SET operations include its "workhorse" Solar2000 model as an integral part of much of the data operations in the Space Weather Division. The core Solar2000 model is a central component of the encapsulating software - called S2Kops - that retrieves a broad range of space weather data from satellite and ground-based sources, then inputs the data to Solar2000 model prior to its execution, finally retrieving the output for dissemination to other models, applications (i.e., SIP), and remote institutions. These near-realtime value-added data and indices are available for SET customers under the "set_ops" website for a nominal fee. Contact us for additional information.

Solar2000 has gone through numerous upgrades over the past decade, and is now a robust and reliable solar irradicance specification tool. It is modularly designed, and has a number of "plug-and-play" software components that are easily transported to other operational systems. The central server for S2Kops is co-located at a commercial Class-A data center, which maintains redundant internet connections, backup power sources, temperature control, security, and provides 24/7 support.

However, as we have repeatedly added new space weather data, models, and other operational SET products, "S2Kops" has evoved to refer to all SET space weather operational components.

These operations are 100% automated: no daily operator staff is needed. S2Kops has been running continuously, every hour, for over eight years now, with better than a 99.95% uptime.

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