ARGOS background

The Aeronautical Regional Geospatial Observer System (ARGOS) is a lightweight UAV designed to fly autonomously for up to a year at 20 km altitude. ARGOS will open a new market for lightweight payloads (≤5 kg) by dramatically reducing the cost for access to the stratosphere. In addition to the primary use for ARMAS radiation measurements, we are conducting a feasibility study to deploy a fleet for the Air Force and DoD as well as commercial payloads. Above the clouds, sunlight is unobstructed and abundant. Collected energy will power flight during the day while storing excess for the night. We are building a low-cost prototype for a series of test flights from January 2022 to increasingly higher altitudes targeting June 2022 for the first high altitude, long endurance (HALE) attempt.


Presentation about ARMAS radiation monitoring and the role of ARGOS.

ARGOS one page overview

ARGOS supports the ARMAS radiation program

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