Pilot Customizable Flight Paths Available in ARMAS iOS app v3.2

Pilot Customizable Flight Paths Available in ARMAS iOS app v3.2

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – Space Environment Technologies announced the release of its updated Automated Radiation Measurements for Aerospace Safety (ARMAS) iOS app v3.2 available through the Apple Store. This popular app provides all the real-time space weather information that affects the radiation environment at aviation altitudes up to suborbital regimes.

New functionality has been added to this version that enables professional users (pilots and commercial operators) to do pre-flight planning. It uses a customizable map interface so that a user can touch-enter multiple, global flight path waypoints at any desired altitude. Within seconds, the app returns the median flight effective dose rate and total flight effective dose for a given planned route.

The ARMAS iOS app supports six user groups with radiation exposure information. These groups include vehicle owners with an ARMAS FM7 instrument as well as pilots and crew, business flyers and high mileage frequent flyers who do not use the FM7. The interested public in space weather seeking information related to radiation exposure and the curious user not familiar with the radiation environment in an aircraft or space vehicle are also user groups. The ARMAS iOS app is a free download at the Apple App store and upgrades are managed within the app itself.

The ARMAS program for flight instrumentation, modeling and public information/education related to radiation was developed with NASA funding. ARMAS is considered the ‘gold-standard’ in real-time radiation monitoring and awareness used by professional pilots, business travelers, and commercial space tourists. It provides accurate, real-time radiation monitoring along with radiation and space weather awareness for the global airspace up to 100 km altitude.

The ARMAS iOS app v3.2 is part of this program and performs two tasks:

  • it pairs with and controls the 7th generation ARMAS Flight Module (FM7) radiation detector (purchased separately) to provide the highest quality, real-time dose and dose rates in aircraft and suborbital vehicles. It is sensitive to radiation from all sources including heavy ions, alphas, protons, neutrons, electrons, and gamma-rays; and
  • it provides radiation awareness by hosting real-time space weather data coming from dozens of ground- and space-based systems that report all the information relevant to radiation processes without requiring a purchase of the FM7.