SET and Korean Space Weather Center sign MOU

SET and Korean Space Weather Center sign MOU

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA. Space Environment Technologies (SET) and the Korean Space Weather Center (KSWC) signed a Memorandum of Understanding on August 4. The two organizations agreed to cooperate in the exchange space weather data and in space weather service and science. This historic document enables SET to provide its RADIAN data to KSWC for aviation radiation monitoring. The KSWC is part of the Republic of Korea National Radio Research Agency.

This MOU will enable better understanding and characterizing of the radiation environment at aircraft altitudes related to human tissue exposure. By sharing technology, the two organizations seek to enhance or build new products, services, and /or capabilities in the context of expanding radiation research.

SET will provide its RADIAN system radiation information based on the NASA Nowcast of Atmospheric Ionizing Radiation System (NAIRAS) v2 model with assimilated Automated Radiation Measurements for Aerospace Safety (ARMAS) flight measurements and verified by the FAA CARI-7 model. Real-time, effective dose rates are provided through this system for the benefit of commercial aviation pilots, corporate operations, and air traffic management. KSWC will provide data from several ARMAS Flight Modules (FMs) that it owns. An example flight path for a Los Angeles – Seoul flight is shown.

Los Angeles – Seoul high latitude commercial flight.


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