Commercial space weather supports passage of HR-1561

Commercial space weather supports passage of HR-1561

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – Space Environment Technologies (SET), a California-based company providing commercial space weather products and services, congratulates the House of Representatives on the passage of HR1561, the Weather Forecast and Innovations Act of 2015. Dr. W. Kent Tobiska, President of SET, noted “the members of the Committee on Science, Space and Technology forged a bi-partisan coalition and worked together to advance this critical legislation. This is a tremendous step towards enabling commercial providers to play an active role in developing cost sustainable services and help save lives.” He identified Representatives Smith, Johnson, Bonamici, Bridenstine, Lucas, Rohrabacher, and Stewart as leaders on this bill.

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Tobiska articulated that the commercial space weather sector is a major innovation backbone for translating core scientific research into operational services and products. “This sector represents the basis for growth in investments, job creation, and increased international trade opportunities,” and he called for the formation of a “Space Weather Economic Innovation Zone established by Executive Order.” Such a zone would:

  • –  encourage U.S. business investment in space weather services and products;
  • –  support U.S. business innovation in space weather services and products;
  • –  require U.S. government purchases of U.S. built commercial hardware, software,and associated products and services where no suitable government capability


  • –  promote U.S. built commercial hardware, software, and associated products andservices to international partners;
  • –  designate U.S. built commercial hardware, services, and products as “SpaceWeather Economic Innovation Zone” activities; and
  • –  track U.S. built commercial hardware, services, and products as Space WeatherEconomic Innovation Zone contributions within agency reports.

    Tobiska concluded remarks on the HR1561 passage by saying “social and environmental impacts from a Space Weather Economic Innovation Zone would be far-reaching. U.S. built commercial hardware, services, and products can prevent economic disruptions and loss-of-life from societal risks resulting from space weather and an innovation zone would encourage the research and investment needed for this success.”