SET-KSWC Issue Joint Statement for International Aviation Radiation Safety

SET-KSWC Issue Joint Statement for International Aviation Radiation Safety

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA. Space Environment Technologies (SET) and the Korean Space Weather Center (KSWC) have signed a Joint Statement for building international aviation radiation safety. Representatives from both organizations met in Denver, Colorado during April 2022 to discuss topics of mutual interest related to managing the exposure risk to crew and passengers from radiation from an international perspective.

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SET provides the KSWC the real-time RADIAN data cube of global radiation information. This information serves the Korean commercial aviation sector and helps their operations centers manage their radiation risks to crew and passengers. SET’s RADIAN system utilizes a NASA global radiation model that assimilates SET radiation measurements. It is continuously verified with the FAA radiation model. The system runs in real-time and provides global hourly updates.

SET flies a number of instruments to measure the radiation environment in the atmosphere and in low Earth orbit space. The ARMAS system has a record of over 800 flights from the surface of the Earth, through commercial flight altitudes, into the suborbital regime to the edge of space, and into low Earth orbit.

The KSWC is seeking designation as a Regional Warning Center for International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) space weather notification. Currently there are 4 regional centers designated and the KSWC would become a fifth center contributing to a global aviation safety system.