Strategic Partnership for commercial space weather products

Strategic Partnership for commercial space weather products

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – Exploration Physics International, Inc. (EXPI) of Huntsville, Alabama and Space Environment Technologies (SET) of Pacific Palisades, California announced today at the NOAA Space Environment Center Space Weather Week 2005 conference that they have formed a strategic partner alliance to produce commercial space weather products that will reduce risks to space and ground operations. This is the first commercial service to predict solar photons, particles, and fields that affect technological systems at Earth and beyond.

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An operational model of the solar wind density, velocity, and magnetic field will be joined with operational models of solar irradiances and flare quality forecasts. These forecasts are based on the operational EXPI solar wind model of the solar wind density, velocity, and magnetic field. The EXPI solar wind model will join with the operational SET solar irradiances produced by the SOLAR2000 model and the SET solar flare evolution prediction model.

The solar photons, particles, and fields generated by the solar wind, solar irradiance, and flare prediction models are used as fundamental energy inputs into other space physics models. The resulting information describes the dynamical changes in the near-Earth space environment that result from space weather.

W.K. Tobiska of SET and G. Fry of EXPI described how they have established their partner alliance to extend space weather services to communication, navigation, geolocation, satellite operation, and other industries. This will enable them to provide specialized customer-tailored forecast products and collaborate with other commercial space weather organizations to improve space weather forecasting for space operations and exploration.