Radiation Decision Aids

The ARMAS, NAIRAS, and RADIAN systems provide historical, current, and forecast information based on state-of-the-art measurements and models about the radiation exposure risk for humans.

ARMAS Measurements

Resource Areas

Automated Radiation Measurements for Aerospace Safety program
Programmatic view

ARMAS website
Global real-time radiation measurements website

ARMAS data archive
Global real-time radiation measurements

Global real-time radiation situational awareness

ARMAS Flight Instrumentation
Radiation measurements in real-time

ARMAS on the HelioPortal
Radiation archive access from a SQL database

ARMAS Citation and Credit
How to credit and cite use of ARMAS data


Resource Areas

Nowcast of Atmospheric Ionizing Radiation System
Global real-time radiation modeling

NAIRAS v 2 current dose rates
Global real-time radiation climatology

RADIAN Data Services

Resource Areas

RADIation environment using ARMAS data in the NAIRAS model
Data assimilative real-time global radiation specification

RADIAN Commercial Data Service
Historical, current, and forecast global radiation data for commercial air and space operations
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