SIP Linux Istallation Instructions

To install SIP under Linux:

1) download the linux_dist_*.gz file to you preferred directory location (e.g., your Desktop)
2) within an X-window (i.e., terminal window), proceed to execute the following steps:
3) tar xzf dist_linux.tar.gz
this will create a dist_v2_37 directory
4) cd dist_v2_37
5) you will need root access to execute the setup:
sudo ./setup
6) Read the license setup (use the space bar to advance to the end of the agreement)
7) Confirm you agree to the license by typing the character y
You should see the following messages:
*** Configuring the IDL virtual machine ***
*** Configuring the SIP application ***
SIP configured. Use ‘./launch_sip’ to start the application
8) At this point, you can launch sip from either a terminal window (./launch_sip), or by simply double-clicking on the launch_sip icon