SET_Lecture_1: Introduction to the space environment and spacecraft interactions

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SET_Lecture_2: Introductory space physics and solar-planetary relationships – I (solar interior and atmosphere)

SET_Lecture_3: Introductory space physics and solar-planetary relationships – II (interplanetary medium)

SET_Lecture_4: The planetary environment – I (neutral atmosphere)

SET_Lecture_5: Environmental effects – I (neutral atmosphere)

SET_Lecture_6: The planetary environment – II (Earth’s ionosphere)

SET_Lecture_7: Environmental effects – II (ionosphere)

SET_Lecture_8: The planetary environment – III (Earth’s magnetosphere)

SET_Lecture_9: Environmental effects – III (plasma)

SET_Lecture_10: The planetary space environment – IV (plasmasphere and radiation belts)

SET_Lecture_11: Environmental effects – IV (radiation effects)

SET_Lecture_12: Micrometeoroid and Orbital Debris (MMOD) environment