ARMAS app Users Guide

This guide helps a user navigate the enormous ecosystem of the ARMAS iOS app and select the level of use for access to all the unique features that are important to an individual user.

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Keywords in the App Store

Purpose of ARMAS app

The ARMAS iOS app supports aircraft and suborbital vehicle owners using a FM7, which can be purchased separately. In addition, pilots and crew, frequent flyers, and the public interested in space weather are able to view current global and regional dose conditions as well as current space weather affecting radiation, even if no FM7 is nearby.

The ARMAS app has been completely upgraded beyond just providing an ability to operate the ARMAS FM7 device (sold separately). Users can now see the real-time radiation environment in a global or regional context and for specific aircraft or suborbital vehicle flight tracks. The real-time space weather that causes variability in radiation exposure at altitudes above 26,000 ft. (8 km) is now available. Commercial and business jet pilots will find the alerts and unique aircraft flight track radiation environment information useful. Frequent flyers will find that they are now able to track their long-term radiation exposure. The general public interested in space weather will be able to track the events that cause major radiation risks.

Keywords in App store

ARMAS, Flight Module, FM7, aviation, radiation, detector, monitoring, space weather, SET, flight safety

App Store Download

Select ARMAS from the App Store using an iPhone or iPad.

Download the free ARMAS app starting November 2020

Public User Welcome


You have joined an exclusive community interested in promoting better understanding and tracking the natural radiation environment causing exposure risk in aircraft and spacecraft.

In particular, the global conditions of the current radiation environment are now available at your fingertips.

There are five levels of users:

  • Public (free with ads)
  • Member ($2.99)
  • Premier ($129.99/yr)
  • Professional ($149.99/yr)
  • Enterprise (free with FM7 purchase and connection)

Select the Upgrade menu to change your user level.

Enterprise users receive free access to all capabilities at the Professional level. When FM7 connects with the app, it automatically unlocks the Professional level.

Public user app features include:

The picker or rolodex method is used to select different image options on a page.

Screen single tap rotates the page to see the explanatory text on back.

Screen double tap zooms into images.

Screen pinch enables zoom and return to normal size of images.

Screen touch and hold gives a popup window for saving images to photo library.

Member Feature Benefits


ARMAS app Member status has unlocked features providing all the relevant information for understanding the current space weather and how it affects the radiation environment.

All the Public features in the app are still available but you have now acquired an in-depth peak into the natural phenomena that create and modify radiation in the atmosphere and to space.

Member user app features include:

All ads are removed in the Member version.

Click the “home” button in the upper left corner at any time to return to the home screen.

$2.99 is a one-time charge to your Apple account for Sun and Earth space weather.

With this modest investment you now have the current space weather domain at your fingertips, including all future upgrades to this unique and growing ecosystem used by pilots and frequent flyers.

Premier Feature Benefits

Premier status achieved!

ARMAS app Premier status unlocks features providing all the current radiation information for commercial or business jet flights that you may have just taken. Your personal record of dose during flight can be captured with the click of a button.


  1. Click the “+” icon at the top left of the Flight list then insert ICAO carrier code and flight number OR tail number to retrieve dose for that flight
  2. The Start Date must be AFTER the official start time of the flight (e.g., when it leaves the gate)
  3. The End Date can be set to the current time (usually the End Date is after the flight has completed)
  4. Click “Save”
  5. Downloads for each picker item will take an average of 5-15 seconds, depending on server load; the figures are then cached in the app
  6. Data displayed are from SET’s RADIAN system using ARMAS flight-specific real-time data  that is assimilated into the NAIRAS v2 model output for the current hour
  7. FM7 data are not displayed since there is not an active instrument synced with the app

Premier user app features include:

Devices window will show FM7s available in the Premier and higher versions, if they are active and in range.

A view of any aircraft flight in the last 7 days, designated by ICAO carrier code and flight number OR tail number, can be retrieved by clicking the “+” icon at the top left of the Flight list.

$129.99/year will be charged to your Apple account for permanent use of this app, including all future upgrades.

Professional Feature Benefits

Safety accomplishment!

ARMAS app Professional status unlocks more features providing pilots and crew with specific flight status in the current regional radiation conditions and provides a quick-look into the next 24-hour forecast.


  1. Pull down data for a flight using the instruments under NOTES in the Premier section.
  2. The Flight Curtain and Satellite View will take an average of 5-15 seconds, depending on server load; the figures are then cached in the app
  3. The Current Flight Summary data provides a text summary of the median geographical information for the flight using FlightAware ADS-B information as well as the flight dose summary
  4. Data displayed are from SET’s RADIAN system using ARMAS flight-specific real-time data  that is assimilated into the NAIRAS v2 model output for the current hour
  5. A customizable route-planning map for any flightpath and duration
  6. FM7 data are not displayed since there is not an active instrument synced with the app

Professional user app features include:

Flight window will show additional flight status and summary features in the picker or rolodex list.

You have now become part of an elite community using the most advanced radiation protection system on the planet for professional users.

$149.99/year will be charged to your Apple account for permanent use of this app, including all future upgrades.

Enterprise Feature Benefits

Fleet safety achievement!

ARMAS app Enterprise status provides a wide range of features that allow pilots, crew, and support staff to monitor the radiation environment in real-time, using the ARMAS FM7 instrument (purchased separately). The app controls the FM7, downloads data from it during or post-flight, using WiFi. Alerts are provided for significant radiation events during flight.


  1. To retrieve FM7 data, first turn on the instrument by plugging in the power
  2. If the app does not automatically scan and sync with the FM7 device, then open “Devices” in the top menu and hit the scan symbol in the top left; if the FM7 loses sync with the app during flight, simply scan again with the FM7 nearby to sync
  3. A connection to the FM7 will show up in green letters above the time stamp at the bottom of the Flight List screen
  4. The FM7 Commander button allows a user to issue various commands to the FM7 unit
  5. FM7 data will be displayed in the two bottom picker items since there is an active instrument synced with the app
  6. The IMEI of the instrument will be shown and ICAO carrier/flight number OR tail number should be added if dose products are desired from the server
  7. A user can manually click “Update Data” in the Flight window to see the most recent 1-minute data; this feature also updates automatically
  8. “Update Dose Profile” is clicked at the end of the flight and will upload the FM7 raw data to the SET server; effective dose rates will be returned and displayed with a 2-10 minute latency since automated processing requires obtaining the FlightAware data record plus running complex code using the flight geophysical information to accurately calculate the effective dose rates
  9. A Settings selection of 24 hours will enable the app to continuously scan for the FM7
  10. A Settings selection of 2 hours is usually enough time to let the app discriminate between two separate flights
  11. In Settings a user can select the type of dose parameter that is displayed from the FM7, the dose rate integration time, and enabling of live updates, alerts, and alert sounds; “Save” must be clicked when Settings values are changed

Enterprise user app features include:

Flight window will show dose and dose rate features in the picker or rolodex list. The type of dose is selected in the Settings menu.

The IMEI number of the FM7 will be listed and saved as a device. By setting max time to scan at 24 hours for FM7 in the settings will cause the app to continuously scan for an FM7 in the background.


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